Tuesday, 10 May 2022

The Monsters

I shivered.
The monsters had arrived.
And were clear as daylight.
I didn't know whether to fight or flight.

Tensions taut. 
Care not for you and I,
They struggle on for their might.

A wave of emotions
Flooded over, cascading.
I fear for Mother Lanka. 

          - Robes of a Muse

Monday, 2 May 2022


Tender, he does touch
My body, when pain is much. 
Kisses, many for me
With love and care he comes to me.
Honey brown gaze 
Silently sees, the beauty
The nakedness within.
Passed many an abled soul
But none so loving
And tender in his ways 
Blessed I am for the security.
Comfort and joy, he doth bring.
            - Robes of a Muse

Saturday, 18 December 2021


And it struck. 
The palm across the face,
Flesh on flesh,
It struck,
A massive blow
Straight to the heart.
Tearing, pulling away the veins.
Blood gushed,
Pouring all over 
Red and gruesome.
Pain. Numbed in pain. 
Darkness, as the blood thinned.
Light faded and pain over powered. 
And, death struck. 

         - Robes of a Muse

Friday, 3 December 2021

Candle lit nights

Candle lit nights emerge
As we plunge into darkness once more.
Memories from a distant past
Of mosquitoes and sweaty eves creep.
Computers and virtual gatherings end,
The mobile, our best friend, 
Till the battery lasts. 
The yellow rays of this artificial sun
Shines, sending loving shapes on walls.
It's calming. 
A sedative to the chaotic mind.
Faces come together, shadowed.
The mind stills, it calms,
Sitting in the candle lit night. 
        - Robes of a Muse

Sunday, 29 August 2021

Love in Times of Corona

I long to hear your voice now
And feel the warmth of your touch.
I am lucky to see your eyes 
But once a week,
Thanks to innovative technology.
How I long to kiss you,
Wrap my fingers in yours
Feel your body, next to mine
Just for a little while. 
Many miles separate us
Yet corona makes us far apart.
Meet you when, I do not know
For now, 
I wait with memories. 
       - Robes of a Muse